SEAL™ Boot Camp Program

GSC’s SEAL™ Program will take place at the Microsoft Technology Center in New York, NY on May 18th-21st, 2017.*

GSC’s SEAL™ Program incorporates topics such as leadership for the future, responsible and sustainable business, and the importance of strategy development. The program agenda consists of lectures, workshops, and break away sessions that will maximize the learning experience. With such well-experienced professionals as speakers and program leaders, the program agenda covers a great array of sustainability topics.

Featured Program Topics:

3 Pillars of Sustainability

Communication and Influencing

Strategy Development

UN Global Sustainable Goals

Accountability and Measurement

(and much more!)

One major part of our program is Treasure Hunt of Sustainable New York City. One day of GSC’S SEAL™ Program is dedicated towards taking a tour of New York City through

the lens of sustainability. The Treasure Hunt involves conversations with local leaders and community members and offers a unique glimpse into sustainability-in-action in one

of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. Below is a clip about the Treasure Hunt put together by last year’s participants.

*No travel support will be provided to the event