Who we are?
The Global Sourcing Council (GSC) is a voluntary, public-private initiative to facilitate dialog, information and greater understanding of global sourcing. By bringing together businesses, industry organizations, academics, non-profit organizations and trade representatives of different countries, the GSC provides an open forum for discussion of social, economic and political effects of global sourcing arrangements.
The GSC plays a key role in furthering business interests by promoting an open environment for the many participants in the sourcing world: country trade representatives, service providers and private enterprise from different countries
What are GSC 3S Awards?
The GSC 3s Awards program – awards are given to companies that strive to be sustainable and have socially responsible sourcing. We honor the most sustainable and socially responsible practices in global sourcing as implemented by companies, corporations and individuals supporting social responsibility, ethical and business practices with the general idea of “profit with purpose”. The GSC 3S Awards provide global visibility to those companies and individuals who do well while doing good.



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