Program for Sustainability Executive & Leadership

From GSC’s 3S Awards in Sustainable and Socially responsible Sourcing to GSC’s SEAL™

(Sustainable Executive and Leadership) Program, the Global Sourcing Council offers thought provoking

programs that empower organizations and equip them with the tools and knowledge

to further their sustainability endeavours.

Organizations dedicated to the 3S principles have tremendous value to gain from participating in

GSC’s SEAL™ Program, a sustainability “Boot Camp” for our 3S Awards winners and other

partners of the Global Sourcing Council. Participants will take part in lectures, workshops, and

break away sessions, covering topics such as future leadership, the importance of responsible

supply chains, post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals and ethical business. The issue

areas covered in GSC’s SEAL™ Program are relevant and will provide a platform to scale up

sustainability initiatives within your organization.

The Boot Camp is not limited to 3S Awards participants, please contact Lauren Bialkowski for availability, and any further inquiries.