Application Form

Welcome to the GSC 3S 2017 Application! You have received this link to apply for the GSC 3S 2017 awards. Please complete this form in entirety and click on the submit button in order to qualify for the award. Incomplete submissions will not be entered into the competition. Please note that you have the functionality to save your work and continue to work on the application at a later time, should you need to. Best of luck and we look forward to reading your application.
  • Please choose the category of 3S Awards your project best represents(Choose only one):
  • Describe your mission and what the enterprise has achieved thus far, as depicted in your video (100 words maximum):
  • i) Problem/Solution: Describe the problem that your product, technology or business model addresses/solves.
  • ii) Value Proposition: Please provide a clear message as to why your product, technology or business model is unique, and explain the pain point(s) it addresses and why customers should pay for it.
  • iii) Target Customers and Getting to them: Who are your target customers and how do you plan to reach them (e.g, direct, through channel partners, etc.)?
  • iv) Market Size: What is the size of the market that you are addressing? Please provide assumptions or backup for your estimate of market size.
  • v ) Competitive Advantage: Who are your competitors? What is your competitive advantage compared with them? How do your plan on maintaining this advantage? What is your intellectual property strategy?
  • vi) Management Team: Please provide a brief description of the management team and their backgrounds. *
  • Describe how the project addresses one of the world’s greatest social or environmental challenges, as identified by the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and categorized into these five actionable themes: Basic Needs, Empowerment, Climate Change and Natural Capital, Governance. Do you currently use impact metrics? If so, please describe: (100 words maximum)
  • What are the enterprise’s values and business strategy? What are the big challenges encountered?
  • a) Revenue Model – Please describe your revenue model. How you plan to make money?
  • b. Cost Structure – Please provide the following that are representative of your business as a percentage of revenue: Note: Please give percentage only(0%-100%) Through i-iV
  • c. Provide a summary of the enterprise’s historical (last three years, if available) and projected financials (next three years). Include Revenue / EBITDA / Net Income / Cash Flow)
  • d. What is your stage of funding (early / growth / late stage)?
  • e. Are you seeking additional capital? If so, what is the time horizon, how much is required and what would it be used for?
  • What are the future plans for your enterprise and how would the 3S Awards help further the vision (enterprise size and scale, number of people impacted, revenue targets, follow on capital, etc.)
  • Please send testimonials, annual report/financial statements, evidence of impact or any other supporting documents relevant to supporting your application. (up to 3 documents, max 5 pages each)

  • Assessment link