The award categories are based on MCSI’s Actional Impact Themes around issues of basic needs, empowerment, climate change and natural capital. Companies will be recognized for moving the needle forward in each of these fields to drive action for the SDGs.


Apply in one of the following four categories: 


  1. 3S Award for Social Impact via Technology Innovation

This award will recognize the enterprise that is leveraging the best use of technology to create innovative solutions to social and environmental problems


2. 3S Award for Enterprise addressing Basic Needs

This category recognizes companies that are making strides in addressing the challenges around clean water & sanitation, or improving health and well-being as well as creating sustainable cities & communities


3. 3S Award for Enterprise addressing Empowerment

This category recognizes companies working to create access to quality education, or making strides in achieving gender equality with their communities, including the creation of economic growth


4.  3S Award for Addressing Climate Change and Natural Capital

This category recognizes those enterprises working to directly address climate change and natural capital issues such as working towards the goal of affordable and clean energy, or moving towards responsible consumption & production and positive climate change


5. 3S Award for People’s Choice

This award is based on popular vote by the sourcing community. Submitted videos from all categories will be up for voting and the most “liked” submission will be chosen for the award